Golden Rules to gain building permission

Golden Rules

Finding ways to improve your chances of gain planning permission can be a difficult task if the golden rules are not followed. to help you understand how to find ways and and gain that much needed permission a set of tips and guide lines have be set up for you.

Golden rule number one:

Before starting work make sure are the legal stuff if covered. boundary wall laws mean you have to give people living next door notice for any major work carried out. this all so keeps you their good books for years to come. Mrs smith from Tyne and wear Knows all to well about this after her next door neighbour stated work and damaged her main water supply pipe. This resulted in her calling a plumber in Newcastle that was helpful but costing her time and money.

Golden Rule Number Two:

Make sure you have considered the costs involved you may think a simple job like knocking a wall down will not require a structural engineer. however if not hiring an engineer it could cost you a hefty fine to pay for any damage caused to the public. In addition you may be left with a builder cost of thousands of pounds. a typical engineer could set you back from £700 to £4000 depending on the work involved.

Golden Rule Number Three:

Plan the area to be modified get quotes from builders in the local area look for prices of traders such as plumbers, electricians, joiners and plasters ect. Materials bought in bulk can sometimes save pounds on bigger projects. Local builders merchants is also a good place to source materials.

Golden Rule Number Four:

get into the habit of relationship building if planning permission is something you need quite often find friends who have links to building officials. regular contact can help you keep informative of things going on in the area.

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